SEO Keyword Productivity

Most people can only guess if they are asked under what keywords they appear in search engines, but this is not even close to the whole picture, since an online shop may be present in search results via up to several thousand keywords.

However, it is more important to identify and extract those top keywords being used from a long list as the basis for optimization. And this can be very expensive.

What’s more, we can’t even have 100% of the data due to Google’s privacy policy. We don't need all the information, though, to draw up smart conclusions; by being aware of the correlations and being able to recognize trends and patterns is enough to make reasonable decisions.

By using the data available, we can make an estimation of what rate of profit growth we can expect with a certain keyword or expression.

And what can we use the data for?

Using a search engine optimization service would be the obvious solution, however, we can also make improvements with the help of “long tail” expressions. Typically, when an expression has less competition, it’s quite enough to have it in some highlighted spots on the shop, and we can already achieve better positions in the search engines through this method.

Conversific will forecast your expectable revenue from the SEO keywords. Moreover, it will show you which SEO keywords should be optimized. It estimates the effectiveness of SEO.

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