How to connect with Facebook Account

Connecting with Facebook is quite simple.

Just click on 'Connect' here:

Click on 'Add Facebook Account' and connect your Facebook:

Allow the Conversific to get information from Facebook ads and related stats, click to 'Continue' and then the 'OK' to give permission:


After it, you can choose your account and Page that you want to connect now.

You are ready!


How do you know that your connection is not working?

If you have no data in the Facebook Optimization Module, please check the following points:

  • Do you have ads on Facebook in the selected period?
  • Have you connected the right Facebook Page to Conversific?
  • Do you have the Conversific app in your Facebook App store

If you face one of the points above please disconnect, then reconnect your Facebook Page to Conversific.  


Have any questions or difficulties? Let me know, I am here to help:





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